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EUR 41

Filmfriend (1/2 year)

Take 2

✓ Watch 2 films per month

EUR 75

Filmfriend (1 year)

Take 2

✓ Watch 2 films per month

EUR 125

Filmfan (1 year)

Take 5

✓ Watch 5 films per month

EUR 200

Filmlover (1 year)

Unlimited subscription

✓ Unlimited – watch as many movies as you'd like!

The perfect gift for your film friends

With this gift you are sure to please your friends, family or colleagues: Surprise them with a subscription to filmingo and they will be able to enjoy hours of inspiring movies during an entire year. In addition, you are supporting filmmakers from all around the world. You can choose your ideal subscription plan out of four options.

Immediately after the purchase of your gift subscription you will receive a nice gift voucher to print at home. Contact us if you wish us to print it out for you! Depending on your current location, the amount of available movies can differ.

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